Delayed Reaction?

It’s interesting. I went through the week leading up to my 1-year anniversary, a little apprehensive, certainly reflecting on the past year and the same time last year, and looking forward to getting on with life.

However, in the days and week following THE day, I’ve had very odd feelings. I’m unable to fully explain them…I wish I could. As I type this, I’m numbering page files for the final catalog files to send to the printer tomorrow. I never got to do that last year…I was in the neuro ward. I’m running across emails that I sent out just a day or two before the annie ruptured last year…and I’m thinking about how I sat at my computer, overly stressed, overly tired and completely unaware of what was going to happen the next morning. I’m trying to remember if I was experiencing any headaches or neck aches or eyes aches, but I can’t. And that just seemed to come with the territory while working on the catalog anyway, so I probably
wouldn’t have thought much of it at the time.

I almost started crying….while checking page numbers! LOL How add is that. I didn’t cry on the anniversary. I didn’t cry when speaking to my sister about her experiences last year, nor when Dave speaks of what happened last year. I certainly start to feel emotional, but isn’t it odd that a solitary, technical, unemotional task like numbering files almost got me! LOL Very strange.

I’m just glad I survived this year’s catalog. It was just my main goal to see if I could do it again, but then all hell broke lose at work with people critical to the process leaving, then the same old stressful crap that’s always associated with the catalog was there, only magnified because I’m just not able to work as quickly or as efficiently. BUT…I did it. That’s a HUGE accomplishment, so kudos to me!

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