Boogie Night

Prior to my rupture, I didn’t dance that frequently, but I do love to and given the opportunity last night at a party to boogie on the dance floor, I jumped at the chance. Well….walked up, not jumped.

It felt great to dance, but it winded me horribly and about half way through the first dance, my head was already throbbing. Of course the dance selections were the extended dance versions, so one song equaled about four songs in elapsed time. I had to sit after that first one, but just couldn’t keep myself off the dance floor as song after good dancing song popped up. Dave even got into the mix and we boogied, but he was spinning me and twirling me and I couldn’t do that very long, but it felt great to dance with him. I think it has been two years since I last danced….and it should probably be another two years before I dance again! LOL

Very depressing actually. I love to dance and would have been on the dance floor all night with the others, but my physical stamina and my head wouldn’t allow it. Of course, I pushed the envelope, even though I knew I shouldn’t. And today I’m paying for it. I feel hung over, which is really ironic because I was drinking non-alcoholic wine all night!

My head is in pretty rough shape, my eyes feel tired and physically, I’m exhausted. BUT…I had a great time last night I just don’t think I’ll be doing
it again any time soon.

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