It’s Coming

A huge, huge hurdle was crossed yesterday. I completed the 2008 Johnny’s catalog layout. It’s not done, by any means, but at least I know that everything will fit. The vegetable section alone is 92 pages!!

Just getting through this bigger catalog, was a struggle and one I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do since I suffered the aneurysm rupture a year ago this Friday.  The last two weeks were really rough. A lot of brain work and lots of time spent staring at the computer screen. It was difficult and I left many days with horrible headaches that stayed with me until I fell asleep and often times into the next morning.

With the annie-versary looming on Friday, this hurdle called for major celebration. So, to no only celebrate my living a year following the rupture, I’m also celebrating the layout completion of the catalog. And, I’m going to do it up right!

I have scheduled a massage, facial and manicure at The Senator Inn & Spa here in Augusta, then we’re staying in a spa suite over night and having dinner there as well. Dave has not smoked in a year and that’s another mark that needs celebrating. Just being together for a nice little getaway, close to home will be great.

There are a lot of emotions and feeling flowing through my mind as I’m getting closer to the anniversary. So, hopefully treating myself in a totally different way will be just the ticket.