Speaking of work…

…I’m going back. Not full time just yet, but to start to get back into the swing of things for two days a week. I HAVE been doing ads from home and a few other small projects, but at home, I’m afforded the luxury of being able to stop whenever and go lay down, or just rest or do some therapy. In the office, I’ll have to FORCE myself to stop and rest. I have a tendency to just sit for hours, then realize I skipped lunch! Somehow, I don’t think my head of body will allow myself to do that anymore.

I really KNOW when I haven’t eaten for a little bit. My head hurts more and I get the shakes…far more than I used to. The only “side effects” I’m having as a result of the ruptured
aneurysm and the surgery, are a headache, tiredness and the shaking. Mostly in my right hand, but both hands can be effected if I haven’t eaten in awhile, or do too much.

I always used to have a small shake, but it’s much more pronounced now and the rupture & surgery is the only thing that has really changed…..well, that and the fact I’ve become so darn lazy. I SIT very well!

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