I ALMOST had two full days without having to take any pain pills, but it was all thrown away on Friday evening when right after dinner and odd headache & neck ache hit me and stayed with me all through yesterday and last night as well.

I suppose when I’m feeling really good, like I was on Thursday, perhaps I do too much then pay for it the next day. I don’t know. Part of it was sinus I”m pretty sure, but sometimes when the headache hits in certain areas of my head, I start to recall that early morning on Oct., and start to fret about it a little. Even though I KNOW I don’t have another aneurysm floating around….at least since November.

Some things still really poop me out. Which leads me to believe, probably inappropriately, that if I were to start to
exercise, REALLY exercise, that I’d be too pooped out to anything else. Which may, or may not, be the case, but I still don’t want to push it. It has been three months in my recovery. I guess that’s supposed to be the magic number. We’ll see how work goes.

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