Fresh Air

I didn’t sleep as well last night, but still slept. Each time I get up in the middle of the night, I’m finding myself always thinking of the moment the aneurysm made me aware of its existence. I’ll probably relive that moment quite a bit. I don’t dwell on it, I just think about it.

I awoke with a pretty good headache. I did not feel good at all. I ate breakfast, but still didn’t feel good. I took some Tylenol, but it barely made a dent. I needed the stronger pain killer they had prescribed, so I asked Dave to please go out and get that for me.

Around 10:00 this morning, I could no longer keep my eyes opened and went to bed. I awoke at 1:30 when Dave got back from running all his errands.

The pain killer I was prescribed is called Lortab, but its more common name is Vicodin. That I have heard of and I was looking forward to taking at least one to see if it would knock this pain out.

Dave made us some lunch and I took one Vicodin around 2:00, then decided since it was a sunny, but very cool day, I needed some fresh air. I haven’t had it in over three weeks. I bundled up, grabbed a large cup of hot tea and ventured out with Dave’s help.

A short time after I sat down, flowers from Geiger in Lewiston were delivered to me. How thoughtful of them to do that. Apparently the owner, Peter Geiger, had an aneurysm a few years back, so he kind of knows what I’m going through.

It’s amazing what some sun on your face and some fresh air in your lungs can do. I felt so good to there. Not only to be on my deck in the fresh air, but to see that view again and to be able to be there again to enjoy it. I had a moment of tears, but it was happiness.

I also realized how much I have to do in my garden to button it up for winter. Not sure when, or how we’ll get to that. I also have a ton of tulips to be planted!

Once I got too chilly, I came back in. Dave cooked spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and we enjoyed a nice dinner together with my feeling better.

I think all I did yesterday was too much and I paid for it today. It’s going to take me awhile to realize what I can and cannot do.

I’ll just be happy to be home this weekend!

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