My first night at home went very well. I went to be around 10:00 only got up once in the night and slept until 7:00. The most I have slept in three weeks. Felt good, but I still woke up with a headache.

The first thing I wanted to do, beside eat breakfast and take a Tylenol, was take a shower in my own shower, with my own towels, shampoo…etc., etc.

It was ambitious of me and I paid for it the rest of the day. Too much, too fast and standing up wasn’t the best.

We received two calls from HealthReach a local organization that is a sustainable network of community-based health centers dedicated to high quality, affordable healthcare.  Qualified and caring professionals deliver services in response to the diverse needs of those we serve, in collaboration with local organizations.

An initial evaluation and an occupational therapist stopped by. I was so tired out from the shower, I really wasn’t up to meeting with either one of them, but for my own security and safety, I wanted to meet with them at least for a couple of weeks to monitor my progress during my recovery since I didn’t know what I’d be up against.

I think it was good to meet with them. They offered advice and let me now of the other services they offers. It’s a wonderful organization.

As soon as the 2nd visitor left, I went to bed until 4:30. Still had a headache after a bit, but Dave cooked some fabulous pub burgers on the grill. I certainly haven’t lost my appetite!

We also walked inside the house. I need to walk more like I did in the hospital. Of course I didn’t have anything ELSE to do in the hospital, so it was THE event of the day when I did. I just have to take it easy with anything ELSE I might do. I learned my lesson today for sure.

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