Little Progress

I was given another doppler scan and the results came back negative. As a result, then took out the last IV fluid Tuesday morning.

I showered, shaved and washed my hair for only the 2nd time in almost three weeks. Boy, did that feel good!! Still took a lot out of me, but I felt clean at least.

Then I checked out walking without the IV tree for the first time. At first, I was hesitant, but after a few rounds around the hallway, I felt a little more confident.

The Dr. is still saying I’ll be here until Thursday, possibly, still Friday. They may, or may not run one more scan on Wednesday. I’m not sure what will determine that or not.

While showering, I noticed my incision in my groin and I keep forgetting to ask the Dr. if I’m supposed to remove that protective tape or what.

My noisy, older room-mate left, so I had several hours of quiet. Now someone else is moving in. An  older lady again who was in a car accident last Friday in that horrible rain and wind storm. Broken ribs and a broken arm. Poor thing.

I feel pretty good. A little tired, slight headache, but overall pretty good.

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