In Trouble

Well…apparently Dave and I caused a stir this afternoon!

I was suddenly told I was to go down for an xray around 3:00. News to me? what kind of xray? What part of my body? I had a button down shirt on, pants, socks a bra, the whole sh-abang. They told me it was a leg doppler scan sonogram. I’ve had one before…no big deal I just had to change out of my johnny (hospital gown) and into my robe.

I was wheeled down around 3:00. The scan doesn’t take long, but I had to wait a long time in the waiting area before being transferred back up to the 6th floor. I knew Dave was coming in, so I had left him a note on the bed about where I was.

I got back up around 4:00 and Dave was waiting. I changed back into my clothes and we headed down to the cafeteria. My first trip away from home-sweet-home on the 6th floor.

Dave hadn’t eaten lunch, but I was waiting for dinner at 5:00, so i wasn’t going to eat a lot. i had a cup of Earl Grey and a couple of cookies. While we were down there, Janet Schutte, who designs our catalog databases at Johnny’s stopped in to see me and finally caught up with me in the cafeteria. I knew dinner was coming up, but I didn’t want to blow Janet off since she had just come in, so we stopped and chatted until 5:30 then went back up.

Well, apparently…they were just getting ready to call security on me!! My new later afternoon shift nurse came on at 3:00 and had not seen me yet. They were getting concerned I had fallen AND to find out later, you’re not allowed to go off the floor unless you get the Dr’s permission!! I didn’t know that! Oopss! And i have missed my 4:00 pills, so it threw the whole schedule off now. Bad girl…bad girl!! I’m so glad we got upstairs when we did because I would have been wicked embarrassed if they had had to call security. I kept apologizing.

Dave walked me silly tonight in hopes I’ll fall sleep. My new room mate is very nice. A real sweet woman and I feel so sorry for her because she broke ribs and her arm and face is pretty bruised up. she has been in the hospital since last Friday night when she had her car accident. It was a horrible, horrible rain and wind storm. Apparently she hydroplaned.

She likes Dancing With The Stars, so we’ll watch that together. He son has been in and he’s awfully nice. We’ll see how we all sleep tonight. When I got back up to the floor my nurse told me she put ear plugs in my room..not because this woman is noisy, but because a man was brought up to the floor who is HORRIBLY loud…must be in a lot of pain. it’s very bad. I think he’ll be far enough away that I can get to sleep, but we’ll see.

I’ll be anxious to hear any news tomorrow on how I’m doing and when I might go home. I was still told Thursday. Dave thinks it’ll happen tomorrow…I’m not so sure. I know I DO want lamb this Sunday. Even if I have to cook it, I’ll do it.

So, we’re causing trouble here on the 6th floor!! They’ll probably keep an eye on us from now on that’s for sure! We’ll be good, I promise.

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