Back to Hell

I was served up breakfast in the morning then suddenly two nurses came in and said “You know you’re moving back to 608 don’t you?”. WHAT??????? No! No one said a thing to me! I was livid. They wouldn’t even let me eat my breakfast in the semi-private room.

Depressed cannot even describe what I felt. I ate my breakfast in silence. At least I had a different area on the room and had a spectacular view, but I was livid. I slumped alone in the chair after breakfast. Three people, including my own Dr. had to go find me and were shocked I was back in 608. Join the club! And, it took me almost all day to finally find out the reason why I was moved back. Apparently I shouldn’t have been moved out of 608 in the first place due to one drug I was on. So it was a mix-up, understandable, but not acceptable to me.

Lisa, the physical therapist, saved my mood by offering me up a shower for the first time since my arrival. I still wasn’t happy about being in 608, but it at least refreshed me.

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