Brief Escape

A day or two later I was able to take out the catheter. Ahhhh!! A nice relief, but they were still pumping three IVs of fluids through me, so that didn’t decrease. It was making me get up more, so I suppose that was good. It was just nice to have control over my own “stuff” now.

I saw physical therapy briefly and they explained the pain in my back was due to being bedridden for five solid days. I just felt it was a little bit more than that and it took a few more days to get a Dr. to tell me the blood that was released into my brain needed someplace to go and the spinal chord was a prime area as well…hence the discomfort. Also due to being bedridden, but it made a little more sense now. I needed to get up and move!

I was trying my best to get out of the 608 ward. I was tired and cranky. They finally said I could move to a semi-private room. YES!! At last..maybe some sleep! I’d be sharing with another patient, but hopefully it would be someone nice and quiet. Risky.

I was moved down in the evening, met Brenda, my bunk-mate and her husband and settled in. I was still awakened every four hours for pills, but I DID get some sleep. Brenda and I were both up at 4:00 helping pass our pain together chatting about our kitty cats and homes. I liked Brenda.

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