Stop and Visit

Each year of our KAT-Walk and Karo-5K I have been at the tent representing the Maine Brain Aneurysm Awareness committee, only leaving it to help other volunteers if needed or if I am participating in the walk itself. Before, during, and after the event, we try to provide people with support, information, and education about brain aneurysms.

If you’re a survivor, like I am, we encourage you to make yourself known at the event by stopping by our tent to say “hello” and to sign in. Each year we’re very encouraged to meet new survivors as well as those who survived an aneurysm many years ago and choose our event to celebrate the fact they survived. We are also very aware some survivors don’t want to draw attention to themselves or make a ‘big deal” out of it, but it IS a big deal. Brain aneurysms kill too many and if you survived a rupture or were lucky enough to have your aneurysm treated before it ruptures, then you’re very worthy of attention at our event.

Please stop by, say “hello”, and sign in. Not only is it a wonderful feeling to know you’re not alone, but seeing, and getting to know another survivor can give newly diagnosed or treated survivors a tremendous amount of encouragement and comfort.

As our Brain Aneurysm Support group continues to draw new members, we’re also very aware there may be patients who have been newly diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. Hearing those words can be extremely frightening, especially if one has no idea what an aneurysm is. It’s only AFTER you’ve been diagnosed and seen at the doctor’s office that the questions seem to present themselves.

At our Brain Aneurysm Awareness tent we can provide you with informational booklets and brochures to help you on your journey. The types of brain aneurysms, different treatments, and what to expect after treatments are all part of the learning process when you begin your brain aneurysm journey.

Also at the tent you’ll meet other survivors who can help answer some of your non-medical questions and hopefully ease some of your fears.

Two years ago we started the Wall of Honor where families can place the name of a loved one who has been lost to an aneurysm or the name of a survivor.

If we are aware a survivor is registered for the walk or run, we try to have their name pre-printed and placed on the wall prior to the event, but each year we meet new survivors and we welcome you to visit the tent, write your name on one of the colorful sneaker stickers, and place your name on the board. You survived…you deserve a place of honor.

Wall of Honor

If you’ve been unfortunate to have lost a loved one or friend to a ruptured brain aneurysm, we also welcome and encourage you to remember them with a place on our wall. As with the survivors, if we know family members of one who was lost are registered for the walk or run, we try to honor their memory with a pre-printed sneaker sticker on the board, but if you’re new to the walk and want to honor your lost loved one, please stop by the tent, write their name on a sneaker sticker and proudly place it on the wall to honor their memory.

We try to keep it to one sneaker per survivor or loved one. If the name you’re looking for is already ON the board, we have seen other family members and friends taking pictures with the sneaker with their name on it. The Wall of Honor has become an emotional place for some and a proud place for others. A true brain aneurysm community develops on the day of the event and it gives one hope, comfort, and encouragement.


Next to our Brain Aneurysm Awareness tent we will have a tent set up for the Maine Brain Aneurysm Support Group.  For those who are unable to participate in the events, we welcome you to rest here and enjoy the festivities with other survivors and family members.


One thought on “Stop and Visit

  1. You guys do such a wonderful job with this. It makes myheart warm to know how willing to help others that have dealt with a loss or is a survior like you. The Wall of honor is a wonderful way to showcase exactly why you are doing what you are doing. Remembering the loved ones lost is very important as well spreading the awareness that funding for more research is needed. I will not be there for this event but every part of my heart is! I love you Aunt Heidi


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