Puzzle Therapy

It’s done! It took me about five weeks to do it, but I completed a small 10 x 14″ puzzle I started a few weeks ago. I saved the hardest pieces for last and got it done tonight. Working on it put odd strains on my eyes and brain, but it will get me warmed up for more daily visual activities.

The puzzle was given to me by my sister, Rhonda, who just passed after Christmas so I was on a mission to complete it in her honor. It wasn’t easy, but it feels great getting it done now. I know why Rhonda bought it for me because of the lovely lady enjoying tea in her garden and she knew that’s what I liked to do as well. Not in the same outfit as the lovely lady in the puzzle, however.


I had a good day today even though I had trouble getting to sleep last night and woke up early. I did my low, low, low, low, low-impact yoga stretching with Lexie (did I mention it’s low-impact?), ate a good breakfast, showered, and wasn’t too pooped after that so I decided to work on my desktop computer to try and get warmed up for work next week and see what my limits might be.

Tackling my online recipe database was today’s project/therapy. If I screwed it up, it wouldn’t effect anyone but me and Dave if I messed up a recipe. I took a break for lunch and walked 30 minutes inside. Even made dinner and finished the puzzle.

My head is hurting at 8:40 p.m. and I’m hoping I can sleep tonight, but I feel good about today. We’ll see if I feel the same way tomorrow.

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