The Left Side

I feel like I have a hangover, but didn’t have the fun of enjoying the alcohol!

I must have slept a LONG time on the left side of my face and head overnight, I woke up feeling quite horrible with head, ear, and neck pain. I had been doing so good that I removed the pillows I placed behind my back to keep me from rolling over on that side. I guess that was a no-no.

Bone Flap GraphicSo, if you have had one of these (graphic on left)…even 4 weeks after the procedure, don’t sleep on it yet!

I felt better after breakfast and needed to get to the bank to deposit some checks, so I asked Dave to drive me there. We had one more stop afterwards, so I drove from the bank to there. It was a short drive with not much traffic, but it was a start. My eyes and head ached so I knew I had to stop and Dave continued drive back home.

Called my mom when we got home, ate lunch and crashed on the couch. Head and eyes not feeling good….like I have a hangover…wish that’s what it was. Time for pain pills!

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