Those Funny Feelings

Not that I had any plans on Tuesday, but it was a bust anyway. Monday wiped me out. Laid on the couch all day. I did make a sudo-supper, then could no longer function so I went to bed at 5:30 p.m.

Thankfully, I did fall asleep and had a good five hour nap…then was up for a few hours around midnite. Sleep settled in though, so it was a good night’s rest.

I’m still sleeping only on my right side. It’s not that the left side of my head or face hurts when I rest on it, but there is some discomfort and it still just doesn’t feel “good”. When I then turnover, I have to let my brain “settle”. LOL I don’t expect anyone other than another survivor to understand what that means.

Today (Wed) was better and I had more energy. I ate a very early breakfast, did 15-20 minutes of walking inside then rested. Saw the bird feeders were empty so Dave allowed me to go outside by myself to fill them. That took more out of me than I was expecting. Damn…..I can do one thing, but not two apparently?

My 53 stitches feel like they’re almost dissolved, or whatever they’re supposed to do. The incision is smoother now and the hair is growing back slowly but surely. A tad itchy at times, but not too bad. There are feelings and sensations on my forehead and scalp that are just still so freaky. There is a lot of numbness still. Dave kissed the back of my head before he left the house the other day and even though I knew he did it, I couldn’t feel it. LOL Just odd.

It’s fun to have the Olympics to watch too, because daytime television sucks! 🙂

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