Slogging Along

Well, so much for quick relief. Unable to get into regular Dr. for an osteopathic muscle therapy session until Friday afternoon. Ugh!!!!

Took a shower this morning anyway in hopes it would make me feel better. First full shower and it wiped me out. One forgets just how much work the brain does for even the most simple things. Raise arm, grab shampoo bottle, tip bottle, move hand, pour, replace bottle on shelf, click top close, move arm up to head…..etc., etc., etc. I did wash my hair a bit more, but still letting it air dry. Feels better and I look a little better finally as swelling and black and blue marks are starting to fade.

Because the shower wiped me out, I took a very good, long nap on the couch while Dave went into town to get groceries. Felt great, but it was hard for me to get up and get going again. Back wasn’t hurting too bad either…maybe I’ll have to cancel my Dr’s appointment for end of week. One can hope.

The incision is healing very well, but still has a ways to go. The photos below show how it is coming along and the stitches in all their glory. Also my new hairline is coming back in and starting to itch just a tick. Nothing major though, and I do remember I have the incisions there, I just don’t always hit on it exactly when I got up to itch it. LOL Trying to go AROUND the incision, but my aim isn’t always perfect. I don’t believe I’m supposed to put anything on it until it’s healed better. So far it isn’t anything I can’t handle as far as discomfort.




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