Rough & Tumble

Had very rough Sunday and early Monday morning. Lot of head pain and sciatic pain in lower back. One or the other would be fine thanks.

Then 2 a.m. rolled around and got very sick throwing up which does lovely things to my head. Not sure what triggered that, but after Dave made me a good breakfast this morning and I had good pain meds and a nap so I feel much better. Took a 15 minute walk in the house.

The swelling on my eyes has gone down and I get to bathe my head today FINALLY! Moving too quickly and reading are an issue and I have specific orders on things not to do until I’m off heavy pain pills. That’s fine…I am enjoying the sleep when I can get comfortable enough.

The incision is still swollen and numb in places, but I’m told by Dr. Dave it is healing very well. I had his assistance in the tub this afternoon and it felt great to get cleaned up and marginally wash what’s left of the hair. The only area other than the incision that have bruising are the spots where blood was taken AFTER surgery and the area Dr. Ecker drew on my head for the incision in pre-surgery. Must be some heavy-duty marker he used.

Called my mom to let her know how I was doing and took another much-needed nap. Time for dinner soon and more pain meds. Hoping it all stays down tonight.

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