Soul Searching

As I have been psyching myself up the last three months for my surgery on the 16th, a sudden and tragic event almost put a stop to the whole process. On January 2nd, I lost my older sister Rhonda to cardiac arrest. I am now an only child and my niece has lost both of her parents in her young lifetime. Only 19 months ago, I lost my other sister Dori. Just too soon…..

My familyThankfully we all spent a joyful, family Christmas together in New York. I’m so glad I went home, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

After some soul searching, and with the prodding and support from my mother and niece, I am going to go ahead with the surgery. I suppose one can grieve just as easily during recovery. I already have the time slated off from work. I was most worried about putting my family through more stress, but they have assured me that wanted me to take care of ME and move on. Let’s hope that’s the case for all of us.

So, it will be with a heavy heart that I go into my surgery next week. Hoping that this procedure will prevent putting my family through more pain further down the road and Dave and I can continue to LIVE life and enjoy it. As we’re both so well aware…life can be very short. It can be very unfair and it can be a wonderful, beautiful thing as well.

Keep those prayers coming. We’re all going to need them.

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