Annual Angiogram

Last week was my annual angiogram to check on my large, 20-coiled annie and see how the smaller aneurysm that was discovered in 2011 is coming long.

As usual, it’s an apprehensive time. Even though I have felt fine, one just never knows if the coils have compressed again or the size and shape of either aneurysm has dramatically changed…even though it has only been one year since my last checkup.

Thankfully, at the follow-up appointment two days later, Dr. Ecker said the large aneurysm looks very good. The stent and additional coils that were added two years ago are doing their job…keeping blood from getting back into the aneurysm. He also said there were no NEW aneurysms anywhere else. Great news.

The smaller aneurysm has grown a little bit. It’s not a cause for alarm…yet, but the fact I’ve already ruptured once and it’s at an odd spot on the artery AND has a wide neck indicates to the doc we’ll have to start considering doing something about it. Not immediately, but at some point….while I’m still relatively young – and that’s not much longer! LOL

Even though coiling is the least invasive procedure, I have since learned there CAN be complications and it needs to be monitored more frequently. Clipping is far more invasive, and in my mind more dangerous, but it’s a far more permanent treatment. I need to do more research and ask some people, but I’m starting to lean more in that direction. I could care less about a scare on my head, but it’s the danger involved in the procedure and the recovery period afterwards should there be any complications during the process that concern me.

As usual, the staff in the Maine Medical Center radiology & neuro-endovascular teams were top notch and provided great care. We had a long wait as there was an emergency stroke case that was brought in that needed Dr. Ecker’s care, but everyone was great and I had no residual pain or major discomfort after the procedure. Thank you everyone! Here’s hoping I don’t see any of you for awhile!

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