Getting Ready for Round 2

As I’m getting ready for the round 2 coiling procedure on my brain aneurysm remnant, I’m reminded after reading a brain aneurysm foundation post, about just how fortunate and blessed I am.

So, get ready, I’m going to count my blessings!

  • My initial rupture of this damn aneurysm didn’t kill me: Blessing #1
  • There was a local Dr. who came back from vacation to insert 16 coils into the aneurysm saving my life: Blessing #2
  • My then boyfriend (now husband) was by my side every day of the 20 days I was in the hospital, even driving back down to the hospital only a couple hours after he left…over an hours drive: Blessing #3
  • My rupture didn’t leave me with any deficits or loss of functions, so I was able to able to return to my job 3 months later: Blessing #4
  • I was able to enjoy four uninterrupted, annie-free years of working, living, gardening and loving life after my rupture: Blessing #5
  • I was married last year to my Maine Man, my angel, and my best friend who has continued to care for me on a daily basis and be so, so understanding and patient: Blessing #6
  • After losing our only Dr. who did coiling in the state, a new Dr. has arrived in the state who does both brain procedures, coiling and clipping: Blessing #7
  • Unfortunately, an issue has developed with my original ruptured aneurysm from 2006 and another smaller aneurysm was newly discovered, but, I KNOW about them and we can monitor and DO something about them before they rupture: Blessing #8
  • I’ll have coiling on Wednesday, by a Dr. who I have a tremendous amount of confidence in. My sister is flying in to be with my husband during the procedure: Blessing #9
  • My family, friends, co-workers and completed strangers who I have befriended on message boards are praying for me: Blessing #10
  • -If all goes well, I’ll be back home on Thursday and recovering nicely….hopefully Blessing #11!!

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