Follow-Up to Angio

The week of Thanksgiving, I was FINALLY able to spend a little bit of time with Dr. D’angelo and ask him the questions I’ve had written down for several months.

First off, we looked the the most recent angiogram and he indicated everything looked very good. So I was happy to hear what the other Dr. told me after the procedure was correct.

He also informed me I didn’t have to be check again for two years. So November of 2010, I’ll get a CTA with contrast. Then, if something of interest shows up, they’ll do an angiogram. Angiograms still carry a risk of stroke and other items as it’s a far more invasive procedure than a CTA or an MRI. I’m happy with that at this point.

Dr. D’angelo also said I was at no more of a risk of stroke than before the annie. Again, glad to hear that. I’m in good health, no blood pressure issues, I don’t smoke so those are all good things in regard to developing another annie. However, with my family history, you never know so I’ll happily get checked out every couple of years to keep myself safe.

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