Angiogram Scheduled

I was called and told my 2-year angiogram is schedule for next Friday at 10:00 at Maine Medical.

I’m still not sure why I had to have the MRI, but I guess I’ll find out. I don’t know who is going to do the procedure which is making me a tad apprehensive. I knew that Dr. Kwan had saved my life and I felt great comfort in knowing he was going my 6-month angiogram. He also had a nice bedside manner and ease about him.

I’m also concerned about getting my point across about the difficulty Dr. Kwan had in using the angio-seal the last time. I’m not sure he mentioned it in his notes. I hope he did. I’ll continue to mention it and hope they either don’t try it again, or they’ll use a new incision. Dr. Kwan felt I had a lot of scar tissue in the one they used.

So, I’ll be getting final catalog files together next week and waiting all week for this angiogram. So much for a restful week!

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