Dr. Be Gone

I had an appointment with my neurologist last week. She had wanted to do an MRI on my neck, but the insurance company declined the request, so we had an appointment scheduled. She didn’t seem to think it was needed at this point, which was fine with me.

However, she did address my head and ocular migraine issues and I am now on Verapamil and baby Aspirin daily. She said it’ll take a couple of weeks to really get into my system. So far, no serious side effects, but I did experience a couple days of dizziness and light headedness…all side effects listed.

Then at the end of our appointment, she informed me she was leaving the area. What??? I just found you!! I was so disappointed. I really liked and trusted her and now I have to go through this whole process again and probably won’t be able to find another Dr. within a 40 mile range. I guess there IS one man near by, but there are rumors he is retiring, so I’ll pass.

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