Yet Again

I had another ocular migraine last night. This one had a little bit of pain associated with it. I can’t imagine why! Maybe a fight with your boyfriend and then your boss quitting during the week will do that! LOL I was due for a stronger migraine, but I’ll still take these ocular ones over any others.

After having a horrible day during the week however, I was pleasantly surprised by a co-worker who made a point of yelling across the parking lot on our way out to our cars to tell me how good I was looking and that it was so great to see me looking so healthy and that it was like nothing had ever happened.

It made me feel good and I sure needed that right now. I still have days where an odd head or eye pain starts me to let those feelings that something more serious is wrong, but so far, I’m able to fight them off. I think because in hind sight I think I DID have symptoms before my annie ruptured but I didn’t now it, that I now try to remember if I was feeling something then, that I’m feeling now. I suppose that’s an issue that will always be a part of my life now.

I really am doing well although I still have stamina issues and get out of breath easily and my eyes still bother me when staring at my computer too long. But, for the most part, I feel good and am enjoying my garden and our new boat.

8 months ago, it was a very different story. I’m very lucky and anytime I’m reminded of that, is a good thing.

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