How Long?

As I wrote last weekend, I’ve done it again. I over-did it in a short period of time this morning and am already wiped out and it’s only Saturday afternoon. I’m still amazed at how tiring things that require a lot of thinking can still be.

Meetings wear me out at work I’m still discovering. Or just having to think so much. When my brain has to work that hard, it’s still tiring. I wonder how long this will last? Two more months? Four more months? A year? I guess I’ll know when I know, but it’s a tad frustrating when I can work out on the rowing machine for 15 minutes and not get that tired, but things that make me think, just wipe me out.


I’m amazed at how some activities still wipe me out. Last Saturday I did a little bit of gardening work. I pruned what’s left of my rose bushes, then proceeded to yank out a bunch of day lilies that have invaded other areas of the garden.

Compared to past years, the hours I spend out there doing this were minor, but for me…this year, it was a lot. I had myself fooled into believing because I was sitting down on the ground, that this would ease the exertion and energy spent. NOT!

I was tired Saturday night, but NOTHING like I was Sunday. I didn’t have a headache, just didn’t feel great and had absolutely no energy by mid-morning. I planted some pansies out on the deck and filled a new baltimore oriole feeder, but it was certainly nothing that would tired me out to any extent…at least it didn’t used to.

I’m still finding things effect me. I’m taking things slower, yet at the same time, I’m losing weight and exercising more. I’m in better shape, but I still can’t quite do the things I used to. I just might not be as sore as I used to, due to the yoga. I don’t know if that will change in a short time, or a long time…or not at all. I have to keep reminding myself that just 7 1/2 months ago, things could have been very different for me. Not years, but months. I’m still recovering and it’s days like Sunday that remind me of that. Slowing down isn’t a bad thing. Stopping to smell what’s left of my roses is a good thing. So what if there are a few weeds. Just do a few at a time. The garden cops won’t come to my house and arrest me!


Since my coiling, I’ve had a few ocular migraines. I’ve had two ocular migraines in the last two weeks. Both on Wednesdays. I had one this morning. I’m trying to keep a record of what I ate the day before and day off and what I may have been doing, exercise wise, etc.

They aren’t painful, thank God, but disturbing. I have the other, far more painful and awful, “classic” migraines since 1976. I can live with these if those are all I’ll get from now on, but of course, the worry wart in me starts to think maybe something ELSE is wrong.

If I close my eyes for 30 minutes it seems to go away, but if they continue on a weekly basis, I’ll call my neurologist to see if I need some test or something. It’s always something!


On the weekends, especially a bright sunny one, I like to eat my breakfast in the bedroom in front of our french doors facing the water. I carry a tray in, set it on the ottoman and watch the morning DIY shows or other shows I have taped during the week.

Well, for some reason, yesterday morning, I thought about how I first got home from the hospital. I was so out of balance and couldn’t carry anything, or bend over at all. Sweet Dave used to get my cereal, hard-boiled egg, juice, milk and sometimes tea for me and carry it in to the bedroom for me on a tray. How far I’ve come since then. Thankfully so.

Again, I am reminded of how lucky I am. I most certainly could have been far more severely impaired. Not being able to work, or worse, not being able to see or fend for myself.

The fact that I was able to work outside in my garden yesterday, clearing debris and checking on my “babies”, is wonderful. Lucky and very fortunate to be here.