I’m discovering I have different types of migraines. It wasn’t until my cousin Debbie, who is an aneurysm survivor, said she only had ocular migraines and didn’t get them until after her coiling, that I realized I am getting them too. Upon further investigation online, I’m pretty sure that IS what I’m getting because I had one last night. Of course, in my first meeting with my neurologist, I didn’t really delve into that, nor did she mention ocular migraines when I mentioned how my eyes get funky, then after 20 minutes, they’re okay.

On the Cleveland Clinic website it said this:
Ocular migraine can produce various degrees of vision loss or obstruction. Some patients, says Dr. Mays, report blind spots or “holes,” referring to missing sections in the normal visual field, or they may experience a shade of black or gray over the visual field. Some people compare the visual phenomena of ocular migraine to the patterns produced by an old television with faulty reception, says Dr. Mays. “Others say it’s like looking through watery glass.” Ocular migraine symptoms are temporary and do not harm the eye; but they can interfere with daily activities, such as reading and driving and can interrupt the work day.

Since 1976, I have suffered with the horrible Aura migraines which have effected every female member of my immediate family, other than my niece thankfully.

What I do not know yet, is if this is the only type of migraine I’ll experience now since my annie. Wishful thinking on my part probably. The difficult part will be figuring out what is an aura migraine and what is an ocular migraine because I need to take pills immediately upon those first visual symptoms of the aura migraine in order for the pills to kick and take effect. Should be fun! NOT!

I had a long, tiring day yesterday with a lot of talking and being talked to a lot at work. My brain worked overtime and I was exhausted when I got home. The eyes started in around 9:30 with the shades of black & gray over my right eye. I closed my eyes for about 15 minutes, took two Tylenol, but thankfully it dissipated within the next 10 minute with no pain. I like that they’re temporary and don’t have the pain of the aura migraines. I can handle that.

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