More Family Stuff

Over the past week or so, I have been in contact with my cousin who had coiling done on an un-ruptured aneurysm a couple of years ago. I was encouraged to hear her sister had had an MRI and everything looked fine, but unnerved by some info I don’t believe I was ever told, or I had forgotten.

My great grandmother died in her fifties suddenly while doing laundry and my grandfather’s sister died while brushing her teeth. I don’t believe, due to the lack of medical advancements at the time, either were diagnosed as aneurysms, but it certainly gives one pause given the fact I have two first cousins who had annies, and then myself.

It’s been nice connecting with her. She had one annie coiled and does have another one that they are monitoring, but luckily there has been no change and she won’t have to go back for another two years for a check up. She was very lucky to have it discovered before it ruptured.

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