Rough Drive

I went into work later on Thursday to join a mandatory meeting in the afternoon, then I left at 3:00. As I was leaving the parking lot, I remember thinking it was the best I have felt leaving work in a long time and I was going to suggest to Dave that we go into town for dinner and then groceries.

BUT, on the drive home, I started having problems with my right eye. It was very odd. It wasn’t double vision, it was like a ripple of water was partially blocking my vision on my right eye. It was very discerning. Not painful and it really wasn’t to the point where my vision was blocked, it was just annoying and disturbing.

At the last intersection I come upon, I almost called Dave to ask him to come and pick me up, but then it cleared up so I continued. Then, just as quickly as it cleared up, it came back and I drove slower to get home.

I immediately sat down on the couch and closed my eyes upon entering the house. Not even taking the time to kiss Dave our usual “hello” when I arrive home from work. My head was slightly hurting and my fingers has been slightly numb in my right hand.

I closed my eyes for 15 or 20 minutes and my vision cleared up. My head felt better, but I still didn’t feel right. Then later, I had a horrible upset stomach, so not sure what’s up with all of that or if any of them are even related.

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