Since I was tired after working and didn’t feel like cooking Friday night and Dave had thrown his back out working on the counter top, I decided we’d order a pizza. I waited until around 5:00 to order and it would be 30 minutes. I didn’t realize until I walked out the door to go pick it up, that it was almost dark out. I hadn’t driven at dark since Oct. 4th of ’06!

I noticed three things on my drive homemafter picking up the pizza:

1) Someone on route 135 still havemtheir Christmas three up! LOL I drive that road everyday to work and back, but it’s always daylight. At night, I noticed the free and their Xmas lights on it in their living room through the window.

2) Our neighbors have lights! We haven’t had neighbors in that house since I moved here and coming around the bend, I couldn’t figure out what the lights through the trees were. The neighbors! First time I have seen them.

>3) I still don’t like driving at night.mLOL That hasn’t changed at all!

BUT, the big thing was that it wasn’t really any different than before, so that’s good. I still don’t like it when cars come at me with their lights and I still go slower than I would during the daylight. I just concentrated a bit more last night.

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