Work in Progress

Just when I think I’m doing okay and getting into the swing of things with work and can possible increase my hours, I have a day like today where I had two meetings, did a lot of work on my computer and it almost did me in to the point I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to drive home.

One of the meetings dealt with part of the process that involves the catalog and it just got me thinking about “that time of the year” and if I’m going to be able to handle the
stress and strain of it this year. I have one day where I think it won’t be a problem, then I have a day like today where my stamina and concentration just is not what it should be and that really concerns me. What if I’m not able to do it? It’s still a few months off, but it WILL come, there’s no avoiding it. The stress and strain will always be there and now with some added duties at work, I’m very concerned. Just doing my normal job of doing ads and other projects is keeping my mind and stamina busy right now.

I think I’m going to have to get some kind of regimen in place to help me deal with it all. A health, work and stress plan. Other wise I’m not going to be much good. OR…perhaps I’ll see if I can complete the catalog WITHOUT devoting myself so completely to the job. It’s a concern, but I have some time to plan for it.

Numb & Number

On Tuesday I worked from home for 6 1/2 hours. A long day for me whether at home or the office. It doesn’t seem as long at home because I don’t have the 60 mile round trip drive!

Late morning I started to realize I was very cold, then realized it was only my right hand. It was freezing. I went into Dave’s office, placed my right hand on his bare right arm and he said it was freezing to the touch. My left hand however, was fine. I’ve always had circulation problems with my hands and feet, but never just one at a time. Very odd.

Then I thought it was where my arm was hitting the edge of my desk for my mouse. My desk or mouse location have not changed…I have. I took a break from my computer to whip up some lunch and while slicing some veggies and ham for a sandwich, my index finger and thumb on my right hand went numb and stayed that way for awhile.

It doesn’t hurt, doesn’t prevent me from doing anything with them, it’s just very discerning and a bit annoying not knowing exactly what is causing it since I had the ruptured annie. The feeling in my fingers came back just as quickly as it came on and it’s always in my right hand. I REALLY need to find out what’s taking so long with the referral from my PCP for the neurologist. I’d really to have an appointment set up to
discuss things like this with her.