I Had a Dream (a weird one!)

I usually have very vivid, weird dreams, when I do have one. This one was no exception. And if you can hang on to the odd story long enough, there IS an aneurysm connection at the end.

I dreamt I was returning from somewhere on a very small, but long plane. There was one pilot and two aisles. I was traveling with some co-workers, as well as my regular doctor and other people from other walks of life and different locations.

As usual, I started to complain about how my sinus can cause me issues upon landing, so my Dr., seeing how she was on board, pulled out a syringe and gave me a shot to help with that issue. The problem…it was a shot in the nose! I vividly recall the sensation of that shot. It didn’t hurt, but wow, was it odd. It helped, just as they said.

Upon descending, the plane took an odd route and suddenly we found ourselves landing on a main drag…a road….a city
street!! Was there a problem with the plane? We didn’t think so. It was a small town, probably close to Manchester, NH and amazingly, the streets were empty and our plane, miraculously, was narrow enough to make it through these streets without the wings being clipped. What the heck was going on?

Finally word came that a huge propane explosion had occurred in the area. I’m guessing it was at the airport, which was why we had to land in the streets…I guess! LOL

We then got word (from where, I don’t know!) that the explosion had been felt some 35 miles away. Just then we started to see damage outside our windows at the plane continued to taxi down
streets. Every single window out of every single building had been blown out. The buildings, to that point, were completely intact, just not windows. Fire trucks and emergency vehicles were everywhere treating injured people.

Then we saw the huge plume of black smoke from the explosion in the distance, and as we continued to move, damaged buildings became more extensive and horrific. It was awful. Very obviously, people had been injured or killed in this area. The people on board the plane were silent.

The plane suddenly came to a stop behind a fire truck. We were still on a street. The plane was so small, it actually had a tarp as its roof! (I know…weird again!) The pilot had to pull
it off the plane from the cockpit. LOL As he started to pull the tarp off, people started to mull about and get off the plane. He immediately yelled at people that we’d be having a “meeting” with emergency personal soon to take us somewhere, but to please stay on the plane.

Well, of course, people being people, the second the doors opened (or the tarp came off!!) they started to exit the
plane. Our pilot was NOT happy and immediately started yelling at people to get on board the plane. There was a lot of pissing and moaning from other passengers about how “they needed to get off the plane, it was hot”, or “my
legs are tired, just let me look around”

It was then, that I couldn’t stand it anymore and stood up on my seat and yelled at the top of my lungs, with great fury: “I had a ruptured brain aneurysm exactly four months ago. I could have died within seconds, but I survived. I’m living, breathing proof that people can survive one of these damn things. I’m lucky to be here at all.

If this plane had landed, or descended 10 minutes earlier, we might not be here due to this horrific explosion. Surely, people have been injured and lost their lives as a result of this incident, so shut up and get on the plane and be thankful you have your lives, limbs and luggage.”

And…then I woke up! LOL I wish I could have known if my little speech made people think and get back on the plane and be quiet. I recall in my dream they were standing there in silence as I made my rant.

I remember some dreams in extreme detail like this one. I think perhaps because today IS the four month anniversary of my ruptured aneurysm, that it played some significance for me.
But it sure was a strange way to go about it!

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