Yesterday I met with the nurse who will be stopping by to check on me for a few weeks and today I met the occupational therapist who will be stopping in.

I liked both ladies very much and they offered some much needed advice. The occupational therapist gave me some interesting exercises to try. One will come easy to me as we’ve played that “game” in my family for years! It’s hitting a balloon to someone or to myself. It’s a good exercise for my balance. Only to do it until I get tired or feel off-balance.

Another one is using a clothes pin on a curtain. Clipping it at different heights and grabbing it from different distances. But the most important exercise she gave me was to do everyday, functional things…like loading the dishwasher or folding laundry. Make it a goal to do it. If I have trouble, then stop and pick it up later. To not push it. It will not only give me a good gage, but it will also make me feel useful around the house.

She also stressed the importance of listening to my body. When I’m overly tired…rest. If I need to nap…nap. Also recommended a hand-held shower head which would help I think.

Also taking a short drive to get used to being in the car again. Not any destination in mind but just a drive.

Both nurses have both been here about a year and adjusting to Maine life. The occupational therapist lives nearby actually and had admired our yard and garden as she’s driven by. Maybe I’ll hire her to winterize my roses! LOL

I was exhausted after she left. I think because I did too much “work” on my computer in the morning. Got my finances in
order, which took awhile.

I meet with Kelli, the nurse again on Wednesday.

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