Out Again

Finally the next evening I felt better and was on my way. My appetite came back and my strength returned so that I could spend more time on my feet. I was getting sick of the 6th floor though. They told me I was moving to a semi-private room…AGAIN! I told the nurse to not mess with me, but it was true. AND I’d have the room all to myself…at least for now. I was elated! But, two hours later, a post-op patient came in. She had endured 9 hours of back surgery and was in a lot of pain. I feared it would be a long night. I did get a little bit of sleep, but the nurses in the hallway are too noisy. Again….hospitals are just not a place for rest!

Again, I was impressed with the nurses. They do a lot and are in demand a lot and do a very professional job of it. Some more than others, but all do a good job. Each set of nurses, day time and night time, have accommodated any request I have given them in regards with making taking my pills easier. One girl even made me peanut butter toast at 3:30 a.m. I got horribly sick of jello, then orange sherbet, so the toast was a nice change.

I worked more with physical therapy and our pal Lisa. Any concerns I had, she talked to the right people and got the balls rolling. Dave and I were both very impressed with her. Very helpful, easy to talk to and funny. I had been using a walker, but we decided a cane would be better suited for our house, so we practiced with a cane (dragging the IV tree along with me the entire time) and felt more confident with it. I also got some exercises to work on my muscles at home.

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