Just Another Scar

Two weeks ago, I finally got a funky bump on my forehead checked out by a dermatologist. I’ve had it for about two years and it has slowly started to grow.

Hearing the word “cancer” in any form during a doctor’s visit is shocking, especially when you think you just have a little skin mutation. I was quite surprised, and was unprepared for that initial diagnosis of the bump upon the first glance by the doctor.

A quick biopsy was performed and a week later it was confirmed to be a basal cell carcinoma tumor – skin cancer. The good news is that, of the three types of skin cancer, this is THE most common form of skin cancer. It is also highly treatable and curable with a one-time procedure.

I will have the Mohs micrographic surgery performed in late July to remove the tumor. Although the biopsy was more of a scraping of the tumor and it bled like a son of gun due to still being on Plavix for my April brain aneurysm stent procedure, the Mohs procedure will be a bit more invasive and has potential for some lovely discomfort, MORE bruising, and additional scarring.

The tumor is above my right eyebrow. My craniotomy scars, dent, and screws are on the left part of my forehead. Of course the cancer couldn’t have developed on the left side where I already have strategically cut bangs (fringe for my UK friends) to marginally cover all that loveliness.

I can live with another scar. If I was going to get cancer, this is the kind I’d vote for. One treatment in the office, some pain and discomfort for some time afterwards, and obviously more sunscreen and sun care. I have no right to complain, but I might do it a little bit while it’s happening. All in all it’s just another “bump” in the road. Carry on!

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