Angiogram’s R’ Us

I’ve been scheduled to have my follow-up angiogram in a couple of weeks. It’s to check that the stent (flow diverter) we placed in April is doing well. Then it dawned on me that it’s not only to check on the stent, but to also check to see if it is preventing more blood from getting into the aneurysm.

One would hope that a stent placed inside of another stent would finally do the trick, but with this particular aneurysm, you just never know. It has been a thorn in my side, or a thorn in my brain for 16 years.

Let the scanxiety begin!

One thought on “Angiogram’s R’ Us

  1. Hey Kiddo, The Force is with you! I have my own scanxiety coming up – Wednesday is my Roswell appointment, with the CT scans for chest, abdomen and pelvic…always get nervous a couple days before my scans, so I feel ya!

    FINALLY got my “new” used stove (and fridge for the shop) yesterday, but I gotta call the guy tomorrow because the oven won’t close all the way, there’s almost 1/2 inch gap at the top. I’m pretty sure the hinges are not fully in on the bottom but we don’t know how to adjust them.  They probably got misaligned in transit or when DJ was muscling it into the house…and while the oven works, I would lose a lot of heat around the opening, unless I stuffed foil in it or something.  Don’t need the oven today anyway, but at least I now have a working oven…also have to call Vail Hardware tomorrow too, think there’s a leak around the seal in the upstairs terlet.  Noticed a stain develop on one side and it felt just slightly damp, and it’s not going away so before we get a leak down through the downstairs ceiling, gotta get it taken care of.  Never fails, everything goes at once it seems… GO BILLS! I’m a little nervous about Aaron Rodgers…he’s pretty good… Love you – I’ll let you know how my scans go and you let me know how your scans go…


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