Day 4 Update

I should have listened to my own advice and learned lessons from previous brain procedures. Rest, rest, and listen to your body. However, I felt a little better yesterday (Sat.) so I did more, which in turn, I am paying for today.

Yesterday my head pain wasn’t as bad, so I tried to wean off the Tylenol. I only ended up taking one all day. But that also meant I:

  • Made my own big breakfast
  • Took a shower
  • Walked (slowly) inside for 15 minutes
  • Lots of blogging, TOO much blogging
  • Sat up watching a lot of TV
  • Put dinner in the oven

I did take a nap or two, but I should have only done one or two of the list above and not all.

Day 4 Update

Overall I’m doing very well 4 days after the flow diverter deployment. That sound like a space vehicle segment. “T-minus four hours to flow diverter deployment.”

Head pain has been hit and miss depending on how much I’m doing. I removed the dressing on the groin incision site yesterday after showering and the plug site looks very good. Not even any bruising, which is great. It is still tender, but getting better. None of that is unexpected.

When I left the hospital on Thursday, I was experiencing some pretty strong abdominal muscular pain. I had no idea where that came from and it made sitting, standing and moving in bed quite painful. Thankfully, it finally feels like that is easing up. I must have had a minor muscle pull that was self-inflicted. I did speak to the Dr’s office about it on Friday.

My balance is still a little wobbly and I’m doing everything very slowly from sitting down, sitting up, turning around and walking. Sudden movements cause a stir and bending over is rough. Everything brings on fatigue.

It has taken me about 5-6 hours to feel decent today as a result of the activities yesterday. Pretty good head pain and discomfort around face, ears, and neck. So it’s back to the two pills of Tylenol every six hours. The good, old-fashioned ice pack I bought is really coming in handy and feels great.

My non-brain related eye injury from the cat isn’t quite as black as it was, but still pretty purple. There is some yellowing on the actual eye ball on my OPPOSITE eye, which I’m a little concerned about, but we’ll see if it’s still there tomorrow. The cut itself is healing nicely.

Please Note: I AM seeing all your comments on Facebook and the blog posts. I just can’t reply to all. I do have to go in and approve many of the comments on WordPress when I see them before they show up. But I wanted you to know I DO see them and I am extremely grateful for all the love , prayers, and support. THANK YOU!!

FYI: These posts are half typed and half using the terrific keyboard dictation feature

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