Heartfelt Love and Support

Dave and I had dinner in Gorham, Maine tonight. Why would we drive and hour and a half just for dinner? Here is why.

A friend and former member of the Maine Brain Aneurysm Awareness Committee was in need of support. Her parents, husband, and children needed to feel the love of family and friends.

Jess joined the committed after losing her best friend, Karolina Kurka to a ruptured brain aneurysm. The annual Karo-5k was named in Karolina’s honor and Jess was a huge advocate for raising brain aneurysm awareness and making sure Karolina’s memory lived on.

It was also through this awful loss that Jessica became educated about brain aneurysms and the importance of getting yourself to a hospital for a scan if you’re having issues. It was due to Karolina, that Jessica went to the doctor after suffering severe headaches.

In 2012, thinking she could possibly have a brain aneurysm herself, Jessica and her young family were instead stunned to learn she was diagnosed with astrocytoma, an aggressive brain tumor/cancer. The tumor was surgically removed at Maine Medical Center by Dr. Florman, one of the two surgeons who assisted with my own craniotomy and brain aneurysm clipping in 2014.

After successful recovery and treatment, Jessica continued to thrive and enjoy life with her husband and two young sons until five year’s later in December of 2017, her tumor/cancer returned.

In early 2018 the new tumor was removed surgically and she endured 30 radiation treatments and chemotherapy.

In May, an MRI revealed the tumor had grown back and although it was not curable, it was treatable.

In June, Jessica celebrated her 34th birthday and in July, Jessica had her head shaved. Her mother, in a touching show of solidarity, shaved her’s as well. 

Dave and I joined their family here in Augusta for the Bob Burn’s Memorial 5k/Walk for Brain Tumors where it was wonderful to give her a hug and show our support.

In August another MRI revealed a 2nd tumor had developed in an area in the back of the brain that effects balance and movement. Devastating news and new immunotherapy radiation was scheduled.

And then a follow up MRI in October showed more tumor growth and their family made the heartbreaking decision to cease further treatment. 

Tonight Dave and I attended a fundraiser in Gorham for the family. It was wonderful to see such a large turnout at the elementary school to lend their support both monetarily and emotionally. Children playing, people laughing and LIFE. 

Jess is struggling, but doing amazingly well considering everything that she has had to endure.  It’s very difficult to know what to say. I did tell her we loved her. I hope that is enough to give her some comfort. I can’t imagine the overwhelming feelings she and her family must be enduring right now. Especially during the holidays.

You are BRAVE Jessica. You are LOVED.

I wish this wasn’t happening to your family, but I DO know you’ve shown us all how to endure. Your strength and bravery will guide your sons going forward. Let the love and support you’re being shown right now give you comfort and strength. We love you.

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