Bad form Facebook. Just bad.

There is a birthday calendar reminder on Facebook. I normally like it as it sends up a reminder a few days before one of your “FRIENDS” has a birthday coming up.

However, I was unprepared for the reminder email I got tonight reminding me that my deceased sister’s birthday is coming up and I should remember to send her a Birthday Greeting.

Excuse me? What? Is this from the same account that we worked with Facebook on in memorizlising after her death? We had to send a copy of the death certificate and proof she had died complete with date, year, and obit to get her account distinguished like that.

Wouldn’t one think if they had received that type of very personal and devestating info, they’d automatically remove that account from being sent out on birthday reminders? Well, that makes sense.

Now, if we want to delete or deactivate the account we’re forced to go through the same damn procedure AGAIN. Ridiculous.

Obviously, I knew Dori’s birthday was coming up this Friday and I was already not looking forward to the day, then to be reminded of it in such a careless way is inexusable and thoughtless. Tears flowed and my heart broke…oh, I’d LOVE to wish her a Happy Birthday but a ruptured brain aneurysm killed her.

Thanks, but no thanks, for the lovely email reminder Facebook.

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