Six-Year Survivor

Friday was the sixth anniversary of my ruptured brain aneurysm. It was a horribly busy, and extremely tiring week at work. And a three-day headache added to the fun, so I was grumpy, tired and sad. Yes, I’m happy, blessed, thankful and lucky to have survived my rupture, but it’s now a very bittersweet day because ruptured brain aneurysms also took the lives of two people I loved very much.

In the past, I’ve tried to do something special for myself on the Annie-versary date, but this year it basically was a dinner out with my honey. Quiet and uneventful. Like I said…bittersweet.

This year also marked the first year I didn’t receive flowers on my anniversary from my family back in NY. I wasn’t disappointed, in fact I probably would have cried and been made sadder had they sent me flowers because it was something my late sister Dori always arranged. I thought about it once then forgot about it until my other sister Rhonda apologized for not sending me flowers. I wasn’t upset in the least and she should not apologize…we’re all still grieving.

So, another year down. I’m doing good, but already nervous about the next check up in the spring.

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