That’s What It’s All About

As we continue to prepare for this year’s KAT-Walk & Karo-5K (25 new banners have been designed and prepared the last 3 days!), the number of people we’ve touched throughout New England, not just Maine, has continue to grow.

Just last night we received an email about a survivor who will attend the walk. Due to other mental issues, she’ll need two folks to tend to her. But the fact she’ll BE there, is a triumph and the fact someone she knows was willing to pay the registration for all three people is very heartwarming.

Educating the general public and the local medical volunteers is our main goal, but having survivors and families of survivors and loved ones lost join together at the event is one of the highlights. It’s comforting, painful, and exciting all at the same time.

As our motto states, we consider our walk not only a way to educate, but “Share our tears, remember with love, and walk & run to honor”.

It makes all of the hard work put in by so many dedicated volunteers worthwhile. THANK YOU!

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