Even More Difficult Post

Those damn aneurysms have claimed yet another beautiful person; one of my older sisters, Dori. The damage done during the rupture was too severe for any kind of a recovery so we had to let her go. Our hearts are breaking.

Such a vibrant, fun-loving individual, my sister was an incredibly hard worker and usually put other people’s needs in front of her own. She will be missed by more people that even she realized I’m sure.

I’m going through so many emotions of not just losing my sister, but of my nephew losing his mother, my brother-in-law losing his wife and my mother losing a daughter.

Then there’s the aneurysm aspect. As with Kim’s death in 2008, I’m faced with my own mortality and reality of my two aneurysms and it’s disturbing and frustrating. Why did I survive my rupture and those two beautiful individuals did not.

I have to use Dori’s death as an example of what can happen in a familial situation if a sibling is not checked. I hate that I have to use her story because it IS so personal and effects me so deeply, but I have to. Dori supported me so much and I need to support her now…even if it’s far too late.

And we need to celebrate her life, not mourn her death. Rest in peace dear sister, I love you.

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