Aneurysms Be Damned….

Aneurysms be damned…we’re taking that trip to the UK finally!

Although Dave and I had planned on waiting a year after our wedding to take our official honeymoon to the UK, we hadn’t planned on my large aneurysm raising it’s ugly head, the discovery or a new aneurysm and the addition of more coils and a stent to my brain. Those little item resulted in a longer delay for the honeymoon and we had to put it off for another year.

Well, the “one-of-those-days” moments is about to arrive and we’re really going to do it. Tickets, hotels, guides and flights are all booked and ready to go. We’re as ready as two people can possibly be for an overseas trip. Hell, we’ve had long enough to plan for the darn thing!

And even though I know it won’t happen, I can’t help but think all of that metal in my head will set off the metal detectors going through airport security. LOL I know it won’t, but I’ll still think about it for sure.

I love that we’re taking this trip with so much love, support, blessings and prayers from our families, friends, and co-workers. I am truly thankful for it all and for the Dr’s who have provided their expertise and skill to prolong my life and give me another chance to LIVE! So many aneurysm survivors are not able to enjoy living their lives to the fullest, but the majority of us DO try and this is a big step for me. I haven’t flown since 2005 when I flew to visit my friend Gwen in Canada. Little did I know during that trip that I had a 1/2″ diameter aneurysm waiting to blow.

Now I DO know what’s going on and I’ve been given the “Green Light” to travel by my Dr. So…LETS GO TO LONDON BABY!

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