It’s Brain Aneurysm Awareness Week

Hello, I’m Heidi and I’m a survivor. I’m one of the lucky ones. The statistics are quite sobering and I am trying to do my part in raising brain aneurysm awareness this week.

A diagnosis of an aneurysm isn’t necessarily a death sentence, nor should it be viewed as a “ticking time bomb”. I would think a person should consider themselves lucky. Lucky that it was discovered. Lucky that they have options. Lucky that THEY have the power to do something and lucky to be alive. The medical procedures available today allow a person to LIVE with an aneurysm, not necessarily die because of one. Those are much better statistics.

Understanding the signs and symptoms (if you have any) as well as diagnosis with early screening are vital to survival.

I have two first cousins who had aneurysms. If I had been more informed to the risks of hereditary aneurysms, I may have found my aneurysm before it ruptured. I now have another aneurysm, but I know so much more as a result of the first one that I have a fighting chance….but only because I survived the initial rupture.

Like I said…I’m one of the lucky ones. Please help us raise awareness.

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