Now, it is no secret to those who know me, that my handwriting never was pristine, but after my annie rupturing and coiling, it is worse. Taking a quick note requires a team of archeological scientists to come in and make sense of it. I have to be very deliberate if I expect anyone else to read it. However, it WAS even worse at one point!

Dave’s sister had given me a note pad in the hospital, along with some other goodies, and while cleaning up some papers around my desk today, I just discovered some notes I had taken while in the hospital. Wow, was my handwriting REALLY bad at that time. I’m amazed I can even read them.

I obviously had intentions of recording the events in a blog or journal of some sorts in the future as I discovered one notation entitled:

You know you’re in the hospital when…:”

  • Jello is the meal you most look forward to.
  • When you can easily share ANY bodily functions with complete strangers.
  • Having hairy legs, hairy armpits, but a clean face is considered a “wash-up”. (At least I think that’s what I wrote. LOL)
  • Two weeks seem like four LONG days. (I’m still not sure what that one means. Hey, I was heavily drugged.)

There were also other scribblings.  I think I started to write some things down after seeing the Dr’s because they’d always come in so early in the morning, I’d never remember what they said by the end of the day. I was also writing down terms to look up online later to make sure I knew what people were talking about.

And I recall the occupational therapist coming in and asking me to write some things and that was rough to remember how to write that first time. I had to write my address…I think. I can’t quite recall.

Anyway..my handwriting still isn’t good, but at least it’s better than it was when I was in the hospital. LOL

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