Here’s Cat in Your Eye

I debated even posting this, but I’m bored, tired, and my brain is doing what it should be…thinking. So, that’s positive.

Timing is everything and the timing of this particular incident wasn’t great.

The night I got home from the hospital, our boy kitty cat Smokey, decided to either:

  • A) jump up on the bed and thought he was going to land on something OTHER than my face, but landed on my face OR
  • B) jump up on the bed, decided to walk ACROSS my face to get under the covers.

I was finally asleep when this all began, so I was not aware of the pre-show activities. However the main event woke me with a solid jolt of pain as a claw went into my eye lid and I pushed his butt off my face.

NOTE: Remember, I was put on Plavix and full-strength aspirin a week before my procedure to prevent blood clotting and thin the blood to prevent clotting and keep blood flowing. Major side effects of these meds together are increased risk of bleeding and hematomas (black & blue).

I quickly (well, as quick as I could) walked to the bathroom to see if I had a gushing, bloody wound on my eyelid and discovered a small 1/4” cut on my eye lid. Thankfully it didn’t bleed too much, but oh boy, did the hematoma kick in almost immediately.

I put an antiseptic ointment on the cut several times during the day and just sat back and watched the colorful show begin. It got darker and more purple and then it even jumped over the bridge of my nose to my other eye. When my eyes are open I’ve got a real Norma Desmond look going on with dark, purple/black eyeshadow/liner.

Today I think it has finally reached the peak of ugly. The cut is healing, but jeez, I look like I did after my craniotomy in 2014. Only this time the bruising has nothing to with the brain procedure I just had.

I have forgiven Smokey. He didn’t mean to hurt mommy and no doubt just wanted to be as close to me as possible. And he’s just too damn cute.


FYI: These posts are half typed and half using the terrific keyboard dictation feature

3 thoughts on “Here’s Cat in Your Eye

  1. Smokey is such a beautiful boy. Seeing this picture of him makes me not mad at him anymore. He really is a pretty kitty. Right, he just wanted to be close to his Mama. Yikes, the brusing on your poor eye. It is still very colorful on day 3, Wow. Glad the cut is healing. Sending you lots of Love, XoXoXo Jenny


  2. We had a lot of cats growing up, and one time they had a fight and one ran across my dad’s face while he was sleeping. Yeah, that’s not fun. (I think he told people my mom scratched him up, to be funny… she loved that I’m sure…) Anyway, I’m sure Smokey didn’t mean it.

    I’m so glad you’re healing well!! Good thoughts coming your way!


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